Testimonials and Awards

Advanced File Organizer gets a lot of awards and high ratings. It's been described in magazine articles and reviewed in online editions. Also we are receiving comments from our customers. Below are some comments, reviews and success stories we have received.

Success stories

  • Get missing files on hand in seconds by Dave Wakelin
    "... Computers are promoted as the great time saver and I guess thats true - until you go to look for a file. Advanced File Organizer allow you to get missing file on hand in seconds..."
  • Try to manage a huge amount of data and back-ups easily by Prof. Davide Riboli
    "... we have a big problem trying to catalogue files and with the back-ups. We started to try Advanced File Organizer and we are sure that we found the solution to all our problems..."
  • Get control of your files by Eduardo Perez
    "... I have to search through thousands of files everyday, and results are needed FAST! Advanced File Organizer has helped me to turn an old time nightmare, into a walk in the park..."
  • Catalog, organize and search your files simply by Peter Gorgenyi
    "... I just can't imagine ever going back to searching, organizing and cataloging with Windows Explorer alone..."
  • Find all necessary files within just a few seconds by Barry Downes
    "... My catalog contains 861,632 files in 25,551 folders. This totals 147.78 GB. Searching through all those files, Advanced File Organizer took less than 2 seconds..."


  • Advanced File Organizer is a Tablet Against Chaos
    "Have you ever felt that kind of feebleness when you knew, "I have something", when you knew "the something is hereabout", but you couldn't figure out *where exactly was it*? The chaos of files can be conquered! All you need is Advanced File Organizer."
  • Keep your files disciplined
    "Do you like order? I'm sure that you do. What about your system? Try to imagine, what will you do, if you are looking for a small file in thousands of folders. Advanced File Organizer will help you solve this problem."

What our customers are saying

Below are some comments we have received from our customers. If you have any experience that you wish to share with others about Advanced File Organizer, please tell us about it and we will publish it here, provided that you use decent language. Thank you very much for cooperation.

Last year I had a project where I had to manage 130,000 with each image scanned as an original and then enhanced, in different formats, and backed up on CD's, DVD's and hard drives. This daunting task was easy with Advanced File Organizer. The indexing of each storage item was quick and easy and retrieval was a snap.

This year I am using Advance File Organizer to track ongoing jobs and correspondence. Again, I don't know what I would do without your program.

Thank you for providing a rock solid program at an affordable price.
Jerry Solomon
Digital Legal Solutions, Inc.

If you deal with large and lots of files and backups, this software it's a must! Save your time and efforts, by knowing exactly where to look for in a breeze! It has a simple and yet very powerful interface, that will satisfy advance users as well. Highly recommended!!
M Gomez

Hi, I purchased your program a couple of years ago and I am very happy with it. I have several hundred archive disks backed up and catalogued thanks to your program.
Tristan Brady-Jacobs

The Advance File Organiser software is fantastic. I had tried many cataloguing programs before I came across yours, but Advanced File Organizer was the only one that truly suited my needs. The reports generator is great, along with the ability to catalogue files inside zip files.
Leigh Rolfe

Thanks for your program! Your program has been incredibly useful to me over the last few years, and your customer service has always been superb. Keep it up.
Larry Taylor

I just wanted to send over a "Thank You" for creating Advanced File Organizer! I'm just starting to organize my huge collection of computer CDs and DVDs, and for that purpose purchased Advanced File Organizer a few months ago. Now that I really start using it heavily, I'm more than satisfied. Handling your software is a breeze, and once that catalog is finished I'll never have to search for a file or application again; everything is in one place. And the price of the software is more than adequate. Your program is exactly what I was looking for and wasn't able to find anywhere else - at least not in this quality. Thank you very much!
Daniel Saner

Thank you for Advanced File Organizer. I appreciate it. I like the program very much, and before finding it, looked at an awful lot of programs that were supposed to do the same thing. Yours is the best, and I appreciate your continuing support and the upgrades very much.
Sue Birch

Scans all drives, CD's, DVD's, collects information about all files, not only music and videos. Great for keeping a database of all your files in order and in once place. Very intutitive, easy to use, very stable.

Thank you for this excellent, stable, easy to use program. I was happy with version 1, and you continue to improve. Several (most) other software developers could learn a lesson from Softprime.
Mike Avery

What caught my eye about your program is its user interface. It looked simple and clear and easy to understand.

I downloaded a trial version and found it to be just as easy to use as it appeared initially. Also, I discovered that behind this easy to use interface lies a very sophisticated and powerful application, full of usefull features, functions and documentation.

This program is very good, I have a lot of CDs with diferents projects (docs, pdf, etc) and with this software is very easy to find the information without check one by one my cds... it's an excellent product.
Alfredo Salazar

Your product makes it quick and easy to find what I need instead of dealing with a needle in a haystack. I'm greatful for your product and i'm glad to know you stand behind it!
Flint Carlton

It solved the problem for Microsoft endless searching feature. Exporting to a spreadsheet is pretty useful too.

I would like to congratulate them for the excellent quality of your software. I am really impressed with the power and, at the same time, simplicity of use of Advanced File Organizer. I am quite satisfied with the acquisition.
Getulio Bessoni

I just downloaded the trial version and within minutes I have determined that the Advanced File Organizer is the best file organizer ever! I have in excess of 200 CDs with tens of thousands of photographs and files to organize. With this program I can throw previously burned CDs in the drive and your program automatically lists all files and directories found on the CD. I can then categorize by type of photograph, description,etc. Then, when I need to find a specific photograph or file I can search by keyword without leaving the computer or searching through my books of CDs. You have just saved me hours of typing! Thank you!
Nora Best
Nora Best Photography

As we all know using the Search feature in Windows takes forever, especially when your working with thousands of files and Gigs of information. I decided to try this program out not expecting much from it. I figured it would fail like many of the others I have tried. Installation was a breeze with no problems. Its a very fairly easy program to use while also having advanced features. So now I am able to categorize my files and be able to generate a detailed report. I never write reviews but this program here saved my at least 2-3 hours of manual work that I would have to do with windows built in search engine and I figured it deserved a review.

A brilliant program I have now used for 6 months or so. Incredible speed in cataloging and searching. Can set up misc. categories mixing CD's, hard drive and other files. Doing a search for a single phrase on a fairly fast XP Windows system of more than a 100 gig took about 3 seconds to gather up as many as a hundred different items. This items can then be opened from the program or application launched.

Congratulations on your Advanced File Organizer. Customer service is excellent. Other companies would have charged me an upgrade fee for a new version. Your program is a wonderful tool that saves me lots of time every time and has no equal.
Ruben Calderon

Years ago I was looking for a cataloguer and I found via Google your first freeware version. Meanwhile, that first cataloguer contains about eight hundred pictures and e few other items. I do not store other data, so I don't need your newest version. I am satisfied with your first creation. In less than a second I find all pictures, stored on floppy's and disks, and zips, under, for example, the name Accident (fire, car accidents, airplane accidents) with the date of Creation, the size, the Extension etcetera. It is a perfect program!
A.G.Pijnsse van der Aa

An excellent program to catalogue our collection of CDs, to create a data base its content and asi to know yet in seconds in that CD we have that photo, song, file... etc.. He is very powerful, very fast, very simple and with extraordinary finishing.

This software is just what I needed. I was trying to figure out how on earth I was ever going to keep track of this stuff. I wish my CD recovery software has this built-in.
Julian Dobbie
Ferny Grove Design

I searched for software like this for hours and hours... this is perfect... I produce radio ads from a home studio and have 30 cds of clients "elements" of adverts in just 3 years... I used to use HP simple trax which suffers from Windows ME corruption... I've demoed it and the friendly user face is just what I need... THANKS
Mark Deadly Smedley

I love this program! I dont normally get excited about file organiser utils but this totally rox. Program is easy to use and clearly layed out. Has some nice features, like being able to add a comment to each file & catagory tree option. Has a nice search feature too ;)

Excellent archive tool! How to save time. Thank's to this tool I now quickly find any file (folder) on my CDs. I can even give a short description that I can use to find a file back.