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Reviewer: Eduardo Perez
Published Date: July 29, 2005

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First of all, there is only one word that describes the Advanced File Organizer: Outstanding!

I'm an independent video & audio editor; I usually work with local animation studios as well as other music related companies. My daily work involves working and managing a great deal of different media files at a time, while mixing effects, adding sound, and so on. Most of the times these files take a lot of space, as they are encoded at high resolutions and they need to be backed up in removable media.

Right now I have a total of 600 GB installed in my computer (high resolution video files takes up lots of space!); In my work I have to search through thousands of files everyday, and results are needed FAST! (Clients do not want to hear how much time you'd spent searching for the needed files and why their product was delayed). You may wonder how long a search through a collection this size might take (without mentioning searching inside removable media)? Well this usually takes much less than a minute!!! Boy, we are talking about FAST!

Advanced File Organizer has helped me to turn an old time nightmare, into a walk in the park. Now all I have to do, is to do a quick search and find exactly the file I need, no matter where they are, Hard Drive, DVD's, USB Keys, you name it! No more disc swapping, long searching times... all they are gone!

This program does wonders, you can categorize any type of files or folders, you might start realizing the possibilities: instant catalogs of your music, photos, compressed files, videos, and the list goes on! You can even take your media catalog database with you, a great option for travelers and meeting with clients, when you want to take only the files that are really needed. All these and much more, under an easy to use and clean interface!

I tried to keep and update an inventory this size with other software, none by far, came close to the easiness of use and fast operation that Advanced File Organizer offers. All I have to do is select the new destination with the media that I want to include in my collection, add comments for my quick reference, scan it and that's it! You are done with a neatly organized catalog of all your files!

I can not thank you enough, for how easier my work life has become, I have now more time to do the things that really needs to be done, instead of wasting my time trying to find the files I need.

If you deal with large and lots of files and backups, this software it's a must! Save your time and efforts, by knowing exactly where to look for in a breeze! Highly recommended!!!

Eduardo Perez
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