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Powerful and Easy-To-Use

Advanced File Organizer - disk catalog software to organize your disk collection
User interface

Advanced File Organizer is a very flexible program with lots of advanced features and settings that make it extremely adjustable and powerful. At the same time it has very well-thought default settings that make it easy-to-use for novice users and dramatically reduce the learning curve for them. Advanced File Organizer recognizes and accesses all kinds of data sources including CDs, DVDs, diskettes, hard drives, network drives, various kinds of removable media (Iomega ZIP & Jazz, flash drives etc.)

Intuitive Interface

Advanced File Organizer has simple and familiar Explorer-like interface that provides easy access to all data and commands. Most frequently used features can be accessed with a single mouse click via the toolbar and context menus.

Detailed Information on All Files

File Properties

Advanced File organizer displays detailed information on each selected file, including its name, size, creation date and time, exact location, type, category and description.

Powerful Search System

A built-in search engine enables you to find any information you need. Advanced File Organizer lets you perform the search by file attributes (name, date etc.) and keywords contained in descriptions.

Search window
Search window

Powerful sort tool

Hierarchical categories enable you to order your files and folders without changing their physical locations. You simply create your "ideal" file structure (the Category Tree) and use it to sort files, folders and disks.

Support of Archived Files

Internal support for the majority of popular compressed file formats enables Advanced File Organizer to read and index the contents of the archives. Compressed files are presented in the catalog as folders and can be opened for viewing their contents.

Convenient Database Format

Advanced File Organizer stores all information in a single file that can be easily transferred to another computer, sent by e-mail or uploaded to a Web server. It uses very compact data presentation format: a database file that fits on a standard 3,5" floppy disk can contain full information on 10 CD-Rs with the total number of files exceeding 30,000.

Automatic Recognition and Processing of Popular File Types

Advanced File Organizer can automatically recognize and process certain file types. For example, it extracts descriptions from archives, tags from MP3 files and the META values from HTML files and places the extracted data in the "Description" field of the corresponding file enabling you to view and search this information.

RSM (Removable Storage Manager) Support

Support Removable Storage Manager
RSM Info

The Removable Storage Manager (RSM) is a uniform interface designed to manage various removable storage devices. The Advanced File Organizer RSM interface helps you to catalog and manage all types of Media Libraries. You can set Advanced File Organizer to detect an empty drive in the library, insert the disk in it (if possible) and unload the drive when the disk is processed.

Powerful Reporting

Advanced File Organizer features a flexible and powerful report generator that enables you to create professionally looking reports for printing or viewing online. Five types of reports are available now with more to come.

Print Preview
Print Preview

Trial Version Limitations

The unregistered version of Advanced File Organizer has a limit of 5 disks per archive. The number of archives is unlimited, though. After the registration, you will be able to merge all of them into single big one using the Import Catalog feature.

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