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Sort out files stored on all kinds of removable media and on your hard drive and find all necessary files within just a few seconds

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Reviewer: Peter Gorgenyi
Published Date: September 21, 2005

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Working with Advanced File Organizer is kind of like wondering in a toy store, there is more fun around every corner. Ultimately, I like every new feature I have tried. This is the first software I have used lately that doesn't make you work hard, or jump through hoops, to get things done...

I came across this software a few months ago and find it very helpful for finding letters and documents I sent to various people. Additionally, Advanced File Organizer helps me search through thousands of project files in a fraction of a second. I work with a large number of files/archives; maybe 50 folders of 5k-10k files per folder. Windows Explorer is just unbearably slow. It can literally take 15 to 20 minutes to search for a file with Windows Explorer and it takes just a few seconds with Advanced File Organizer. Running a search fills the screen instantly. And with all these built in cataloging extras, it is actually an exciting not to experience a bit of drag or lag!

Not only is Advanced File Organizer unbelievably fast, with all the functions and it's capabilities, its stability and robustness is amazing. It's small, simple, and clean. It's not trying to be all things to all people, while at the same time it can be the foundation for a variety of complex cataloging applications. The primary benefits of using Advanced File Organizer over other products are: reliability, speed and scalability.

Let me just say that I think Advanced File Organizer is awesome! As a manager/consultant, I use the PC constantly, and Advanced File Organizer is fast becoming indispensable. If I had to give it up I would be hurting... I just can't imagine ever going back to searching, organizing and cataloging with Windows Explorer alone. This software is saving me a LOT OF TIME! Thank you for a well thought out product!

Peter Gorgenyi, Consultant
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