Advanced File Organizer is a Tablet Against Chaos

Advanced File Organizer. Tablet Against Chaos

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Published Date: January 19, 2006

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Have you ever felt that kind of feebleness when you knew, "I have something", when you knew "the something is hereabout", but you couldn't figure out *where exactly was it*? Have you lamented over this humongous pile of files and folders, nested folders, and burned disks:

"Because it's piled up so high, of this huge amount you really can't locate one file you have seen dozens of times?"

Yep, those were dumb questions; of course you have. But I've asked them not to jeer at you; on the contrary, I have got good news: the chaos of files can be conquered! All you need is Advanced File Organizer.

This handy and pretty-looking software allows you to easily classify all those files-folders-disks. Just add them to Advanced File Organizer; the smart program will extract all available information from the files (MP3 Info or HTML title and author) and allow you to organize the added data into hierarchical categories (without moving the data physically) and to write the descriptions.

The powerful and fast search engine will let you easily locate any data when the categories are useless. Even the removable disks data (CD's, diskettes, etc.) can be organized with the built-in Removable Storage Manager. For the maximal pleasure, there is also flexible reporting feature.

Don't be afraid of the data chaos. Use the right software.

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