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Success Story of Barry Downes

Sort out files stored on all kinds of removable media and on your hard drive and find all necessary files within just a few seconds

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Reviewer: Barry Downes
Residence: New York, NY
Published Date: August 23, 2004

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Dear Sirs,

I wanted to write to tell you how much I prize your outstanding program. I own a company in New York City called Music Research Consultants. We help defend many of the most famous musical artists in the world against unfounded claims of musical copyright infringement ("hey, fella, you stole my song and now I want to sue you.") We are a very computer oriented company and many years ago we developed a major computer program that has the ability to search through millions of pages of music looking for specific musical ideas that may match or be quite similar to each other. The program can do high speed searches through as many as 16 tracks of music, looking for a given melodic idea simultaneously in all octaves and in all principal keys.

Advanced File Organizer, to my knowledge, the only program of its kind in the world that can accomplish that feat. It has also been involved in winning a number of important court cases. Of all the outside programs I work with yours is one of the three I most depend on and admire. Let me give you just a brief description of the kind of work it does for me.

Among a number of different Advanced File Organizer catalogs I have set up, one of my basic ones is titled "My Catalog." It contains a cataloging of my three principal hard disks. Here are the statistics ...

"My Catalog" contains 861,632 files in 25,551 folders. This totals 147.78 GB. In running two searches just before I wrote you this letter, I tested it with a sample word "mission." Searching through all those files, Advanced File Organizer took less than 2 seconds to display 171 results. I then had the choice to open the file or folder in Explorer, or in the AFO's own catalog, or just directly launch or execute the file. If it is a song, it only takes a click to start it playing. It would be hard to ask for more. I ran a second search for all files that had been modified in the last 30 days. A list with the results of the search happened even more quickly - somewhat less than a second to display 2,907 files/folders.

Cataloging an entire hard disk of, let's say, 50 GB only takes a few minutes to accomplish. It is a very impressive result and is far faster than any other program I know in accomplishing such a feat. Obviously cataloging of CDs and other removable media is extremely easy to do and allows the user a lot of flexibility. There are many other excellent features in the program that should prove very useful to users of the program. I can recommend it without hesitation.

Barry Downes
Music Research Consultants & One To One Communications, Inc.
New York, NY
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