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Advanced File Organizer scanned my CD in seconds and displayed the CD contents immediately!

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Reviewer: Dave Wakelin
Published Date: July 17, 2006

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I'm one of those surrounded by CDs and DVDs on shelves, in drawers, in CD racks and all over my desk. I work with publications, graphics, publishing media and digital photography. Computers are promoted as the great time saver and I guess thats true - until you go to look for a file. It's usually the file you saw while searching through a mountain of CDs looking for that other file you desperately needed and now you need this one remembering which CD you saw it one is impossible. So much for the time saving nature of the PC!

I searched the Internet for a solution and tried a number of products. Some looked really good but seemed to take forever to scan CDs and if it was an audio CD then you had to jump through hoops to get the CD to catalog. I have hundreds of CDs so the speed with which it scans and records the contents will mean I can have a complete record of all my files inside a day rather than weeks going by the speed of other similar programs.

That's about when I found Advanced File Organizer. I installed the trial and loaded my first CD expecting a performance much like the other programs. Wow! Advanced File Organizer scanned my CD in seconds not minutes and displayed the CD contents immediately! All the information I want is displayed cleanly and quickly and the ability to add description or comments is great! That missing file is now on hand in seconds. Time is money and this program is a money saver.

This is the type of program I'll be recommending to my friends.

Dave Wakelin
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