Managing Documents with Advanced File Organizer

The versatile category system lets you use Advanced File Organizer for various document management purposes. Below are several examples illustrating possible document management applications of Advanced File Organizer.

Organizing MP3 Files by Artist

If you have lots of MP3 files burnt onto CD-Rs, finding all tracks by a certain artist may become quite a challenging task. But Advanced File Organizer makes this a breeze. Just use the Find function to find all files that contain the name of the artist in their name and/or descriptions (Advanced File Organizer extracts information from the MP3 tags and places it in the Comments field). When the search is over, select all found items by clicking within the search results window and pressing Ctrl+A. Click the button at the bottom panel or press Ctrl+T. Create a new category and give it the artist's name. That's all. Now you can switch to the Category View mode and see all tracks by your favorite artist by selecting the corresponding category.

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