Organizing Documents Modified within a Certain Period of Time

Follow the steps below to locate and organize all files in your local network modified within a certain period of time.

  1. Map all network drives that may contain the necessary documents.
  2. Index the network drives.
  3. Open the Find in the Catalog window the magnifying glass toolbar icon or choosing Find... from the Tools menu.
  4. Click the Advanced Options tab and mark the Find all files and folders modifiedů checkbox.
  5. Specify the beginning and the end of the desired time period or the number of days past the current date.
  6. Click Find.
  7. When the search is over, click within the search results pane and press Ctrl+A to select all found items.
  8. Right-click within the search results pane or press Ctrl+T to bring up the context menu.
  9. Select from the menu the Edit Categories item.
  10. Click the Add Category toolbar icon.
  11. Create a new category (be sure to give it some distinctive name, e.g. Files modified 2003-12-17) and mark the checkbox next to its name.

Now all your documents that were created or modified within a certain period of time, belong to the same category and you can easily locate all of them by switching to the Category View and selecting the corresponding category. At the same time you can sort these files according to other criteria. Number of possible categories is not limited as well as you can make several catalogs with the same files and organize them in several ways.

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