Finding Files on Backup Media with Advanced File Organizer

Moving files to CD-R or DVD-R disks is sometimes equivalent to just erasing them. If you don't have Advanced File Organizer at hand.

The vast majority of home and business users from time to time create backup copies of their working files on all kinds of recordable media including CD and DVD disks, ZIP and Jazz disks, mobile hard disk drives and so on. If you live up to the rule "backup as often as you can" you very soon end up with dozens and even hundreds of removable media. Incremental backups only add to the mess. Your CDs and DVDs may be sorted and labeled in a perfect way, but in many cases you may still have hard time finding a necessary file or the latest version of some document.

This is where Advanced File Organizer comes into play. This utility enables you to browse the contents of any CD or DVD without inserting it into the drive. You can see the name, size, type and date of any file, and also the category (if any) it is associated with and the description (if you entered it or if it was automatically extracted from the corresponding file/tag).

Even if you don't remember the exact name of the file you need, you still will be able to find it using the Advanced File Organizer search capabilities that include wildcards search, date and time search, and more.

To be able to use all benefits of well-organized file archive, you just need to index your media. Advanced File Organizer does the most part of this job automatically, you just need to insert the disk and click a couple of buttons. If you wish, you can later arrange files by specific categories, which gives you even more freedom and power in managing your archives.

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